walking on a dream.

my name is brittany.
i am studying communication and digital media design.
y'all are wonderful and let's be best friends.

my face.
my dumb music.
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“Truth is I didn’t expect to get this attached to you.”

(via uberhotbitch)

please follow brittutiful if you aren’t doing so already! it’s my new blog.


follow my new blog @ brittutiful.

there’s not much on there right now, but long story short i’m going to try and fill it so it’s basically this one.

i’ll be keeping this blog up for a little bit; however, i won’t be posting anything new on it, only on my new blog.

thanks, friends. you guys are so cool. 

cons: making a new blog and deleting this one within the next twenty four hours. stay tuned.

pros: packing for next week’s journey to michigan, so i guess i’m not too sad about losing four years of blogging!